Xiaomi to launch its own Self Repair Program after Apple

Xiaomi Self Repair Service Source: Xiaomi

Apple finally introduced a Self Repair Program on November 17, which allows users to repair their own devices using original Apple parts, tools, and manuals. After years of legal battles, it seems that Xiaomi also wants to join in on offering a friendlier and additional way for users to repair their devices.

Xiaomi posted an image on Twitter, telling its users how much it cares about user experience, and how it aims to become a better and more user-friendly company. The image suggests that Xiaomi wants to offer better services, and better repairability, such as tools, manuals, and parts, although, it didn’t explicitly mention it. Instead, the come said “Stay Tuned”, suggesting that it has more to announce in the coming days and weeks.

It’s not exactly clear what Xiaomi is referring to, since the tweet itself is very vague and doesn’t offer us any details on what to expect. Since the tweet itself is coming from Xiaomi India, we expect Xiaomi to test in India first, perhaps a new repair service program, although that’s entirely a speculation at this point.

Xiaomi is known to borrow and straight-up copy certain designs from other manufacturers, and offering more repair services would certainly be a welcome addition, since it would offer more freedom and options to customers to repair their devices. It’s also possible that Xiaomi just wants to bundle certain services into a single app, or simplify its packages to make it more easily accessible to new users who join the platform.

Whatever Xiaomi is planning on doing, its services will receive some form of an upgrade in the near future, and hopefully, it will make it simpler, and more accessible to more of its users. It remains to be seen if any of the changes will make it outside of India to other regions.

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