Windows 11 will let you sideload Android apps, circumventing Amazon Appstore

Although the Windows 11 reveal event didn’t hold too many huge surprises after the OS leaked online, Microsoft did announce at least one unexpected feature. You’ll be able to install Android apps through the overhauled Microsoft Store, but would be limited to the library available on the Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft is integrating apps from Amazon Appstore into its own store. However, you’ll have another way to add Android apps to your Start menu or taskbar: sideloading will work too.

You’ll have the option to install APK files, the standard filetype for Android apps, as reported by Gizmodo. Miguel de Icaza, a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, confirmed that’s the case in response to a question on Twitter. De Icaza is working on the Windows 11 Android project, which uses Intel Bridge Technology to run Android apps natively rather than in an emulator. 

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Allowing users to sideload Android apps means you won’t merely be limited to Amazon Appstore’s meager selection of software. You can grab APK files from third-party distributors (or even the Google Play Store if you know how) and install those on your Windows 11 machine. However, it’s worth exercising due diligence to avoid installing apps with malware.

It’s not entirely clear how this process will work as of yet. It’d be great if installing an APK was as simple as running a standard .EXE file (i.e. by double clicking it). As Gizmodo notes, some apps might not work, as they require certain device permissions, while Google’s apps need access to Google services and APIs. 

Still, it’s an exciting addition to the Windows 11 platform, and one that will let PC users tap into a far broader range of apps than they might be able to otherwise. If you’re itching to try out this feature and are comfortable running early builds of Windows 11, you can check out the beta before the new OS arrives sometime this holiday. 

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