Ware Helps Automate Inventory With Drones

“Understanding the true state of inventory in today’s massive warehouses requires a significant amount of manual labor and time-consuming routines. Our investors understand how Ware is meeting this challenge. Their support is especially gratifying amidst the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the stress it has exerted on global supply chains.” – Ian Smith, Ware’s CEO

Ware, a technology startup deploying autonomous drones for warehouse inventory counting, has closed $2.5 million in seed-round funding. Ware deploys autonomous drones, combined with machine learning, inside warehouses to automate their inventory tracking. Designed to solve warehousing industry’s most pressing issues, Ware works with the world’s largest 3PL’s and global brands to operate their facilities more efficiently—improving their accuracy.

Ware’s automating warehouse cycle counts is a 3-step process:

  1. Self-flying drones soar throughout the warehouse, collecting images of pallet locations, data from barcodes, and other inventory information
  2. With their pre-programmed flight pattern completed, the drones return to their “Nests” inside the warehouse, where they recharge and transmit their cargo of data to Ware’s cloud
  3. Ware’s processing engine analyzes the drone imagery, distills the data, and delivers it into an easy-to-use format. Interactive reports in Ware’s cloud software are provided to inventory control teams to make decisions with and take action on

Ware’s first market is focused on the U.S. specifically but plans to expand internationally in the future.