Unlocking opportunities with data transformationUnlocking opportunities with data transformationHead of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud

One of the biggest challenges data executives have today is turning the immense amount of information that their organization, customers and partners — or rather their whole ecosystem — are creating into a competitive advantage. 

In my role here at Google Cloud, I specialize in everything data — from analytics, to business intelligence, data science and AI. 

My team’s role is split into 3 main activities:

It’s safe to say data-driven transformation is my bread and butter. And I want it to be yours too. My aim is to help people think about data in a new way — not something to be afraid of, but something to leverage and grow with. There are still lots of problems to be solved in our industry. But data is helping us unlock a world of opportunities.

What modern data architectures look like today

There’s a treasure trove of new technologies that are transforming the way companies do business at incredible speeds. I think of companies like Paypal, which migrated over 20 petabytes of data to serve its 3,000+ users, and Verizon Media, which ingested 200 terabytes of data daily and stored 100 petabytes in BigQuery. Even traditional retailers like Crate & Barrel are making strides in the cloud, doubling their return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) while only increasing investment by 20%.

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