TWRP 3.5.2 released, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, XZ1, and XZ1 Compact receive official support

Team Win Recovery Project, or TWRP for short, has become the de-facto custom recovery solution for the Android modding community. It allows users to directly flash or ADB sideload ZIP archives that contain custom ROMs or other mods, make a full backup or restoration, and much more. Last month, we saw the release of TWRP 3.5.1, with new features such as flashable Magisk APK support and several under-the-hood improvements. However, it introduced a regression error for digest checking, which has recently been fixed. As a result, the project has been bumped to version 3.5.2.

Given the fact that TWRP 3.5.2 is more of a hotfix update, its changelog is rather small and pretty much self-explanatory. The list of officially supported devices, on the other hand, has seen some notable growth. Since we last covered the build roster changes, a few new devices have been added, thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor modpunk and XDA Senior Member derf elot. Those devices are the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZ1, and the Xperia XZ1 Compact.

You might think: Why just now have these devices gained TWRP support if the phones came out all the way back in 2017? Well, there have been TWRP builds available for some of these devices for a while—they just weren’t official, or in some cases, were abandoned by the previous maintainer. Now that official TWRP support is here, it means that you’ll be able to download the latest source-built recovery image for these smartphones directly from the TWRP website.

If you’re interested, head over to the TWRP page for your respective device from the following table and download the latest version of the custom recovery image. In case you want to download the compatible TWRP build right from your device, you should check out the official TWRP app on Google Play Store (linked below). The app will also alert you when new versions of the custom recovery are available.

Not all of today’s news is good news, though, as the Samsung Galaxy J4 (code-name “j4lte“) and the Exynos Wi-Fi variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (code-name “lt03wifiue“) have lost official support. The existing TWRP builds for these devices are still available for download, but don’t expect new automated builds for them to land anytime soon without an active maintainer.

Official TWRP AppOfficial TWRP App
Official TWRP AppOfficial TWRP App
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