Try a tutorial in the Google Cloud ConsoleTry a tutorial in the Google Cloud ConsoleSenior Developer Relations Engineer

Jen really didn’t know about tutorials in the Google Cloud Console?

Yes, I honestly didn’t know about them! I’m sharing about it because if I can work for Google and not know, then I can’t be the only one, and it would be a shame to miss out on this because it’s a brilliant idea. Also I wrote some pretty sweet tutorials for the console, but I swear that the main reason I’m telling you is because it’s a cool thing!

There are several reasons that these tutorials are great:

  • You can view the instructions and the console at the same time. No more playing the tab game!
  • The tutorials include links and highlights, making it easy to find the screens and buttons you’re looking for
  • You can run code from Cloud Shell, so you don’t need a separate window for an IDE
  • You can use the demo data provided to try things out, or you can apply the steps to your existing projects using data that suits your app’s needs