The best Xbox Series X accessories to buy now

The best Xbox Series X accessories will help you enjoy your next-gen console and all its games to their fullest potential. And while some of the accessories may bear the name of the last-gen Xbox, they’re still fully compatible and make fine additions to your gaming set-up.

However, there’s some new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gear on the market that’s well worth a look also, including some that only works with the new generation of Xbox consoles. Assuming your coffers aren’t empty after buying the console itself, here are a few handy devices you can pick up to enhance your Xbox experience — and, as a bonus, many of these items will work with Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms, too. 

Xbox Wireless Headset

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1. Xbox Wireless Headset

This officially-licensed pair of headphones sound great, fit well and are easy to set-up. The controls, built into the earcups themselves, are simple to understand too, plus you can easily tuck the microphone away if you don’t need it.

There aren’t many customization options, but at a reasonably priced $100, and with the ease of set-up, it’s somewhat forgivable.

xbox series x

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1. Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Charging Cable 

Somehow the Xbox Series X still doesn’t offer a rechargeable controller, as the included gamepad still runs on AA batteries. So if you buy just one Xbox Series X accessory, make it this one.

Save yourself some time and money with a rechargeable battery pack. These devices last for years, and keep controllers going for about 30 hours on a single charge. Thanks to an included USB-C cable, you can also play while you recharge. 

xbox series x review

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2. Xbox Wireless Controller (2020)

A second controller is perhaps the most common accessory that gamers buy for their consoles. And you can’t beat Xbox’s official gamepad.

If you already have an extra Xbox One controller, you can skip to the next entry, as your current gear will work fine with the Xbox Series X/S. But if not, it’s well worth picking up a second controller, particularly since the Xbox Series X controller makes a fine companion for PC and mobile games, too. This comfortable, versatile device pairs via Bluetooth on just about any platform. So even if you don’t have a second player handy, an extra controller can still be a good investment. 

xbox series x

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3. Seagate Storage Expansion Card – 1 TB 

If the onboard SSD on your Xbox Series X isn’t big enough to hold all your games, then this is the only way you’re able to play at the high speeds you’re used to.

This storage card fits into a specially designed slot on the back of the console, and essentially doubles your storage space. Assuming that the average next-gen game takes about 50GB of space, that’s enough room for 20 games – more, if you prefer backwards compatible or indie fare. At more than $200, it’s a pricey investment, but it’s also just as fast and seamless as the built-in SSD. 

xbox game pass ultimate

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4. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 

Even for fans who prefer to own their media outright, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is well worth a look. This subscription service gives you access to more than 100 downloadable games across the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC for a flat $15 per month. Many of these games are even available to stream to Android via the Xbox app. Your save data carries over across platforms, so you can pick up right where you left off on any number of machines. Microsoft has ensured that every one of its first-party titles hits Game Pass the day that the game launches, making this the cheapest way to experience Xbox exclusives.

5. Razer Kaira Pro 

razer kaira pro

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If you already have a go-to Xbox headset, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a new one. But the Razer Kaira Pro is designed with the Xbox Series X and Series S in mind, and it shows. This wireless headset pairs with any Xbox console at the press of a button, and provides great sound across a variety of genres. It’s comfortable to wear for long stretches, and the battery lasts up to 20 hours. What’s really useful, though, is that the Kaira Pro also has Bluetooth pairing, letting you hook it up to PCs and mobile devices as well. There’s also the cheaper Razer Kaira, for fans who can live without Bluetooth.