Xiaomi’s next flagship could feature a 4K display

Xiaomi is keen to take the industry forward. The company announced its smartphone with an under-display camera just a while ago and the world’s first 120W wired charging smartphone. Even in other fields, Xiaomi has been experimenting, with its entry into the EV business and its Cyberdog. Now, according to a new leak, Xiaomi is … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold: The two biggest Android brands destined to battle in the foldable space

It’s often said that Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone space is the Apple iPhone. But that’s a lazy narrative in my view — realistically speaking, consumers don’t jump between eco-systems often, and iPhone users tend to be pretty happy in their walled garden with no intentions of really leaving. In other words, Samsung’s biggest … Read more

Xiaomi’s iPad Pro competitor lands in Europe alongside Mi Band 6 NFC

Alongside the Xiaomi 11T series, Xiaomi today unveiled the Mi Pad 5 and Mi Band 6 NFC for the European markets. Originally launched in China last month, the Mi Pad 5 marks the return of Xiaomi to the tablet segment. The latest tablet from the Chinese company takes on the likes of iPad Pro and … Read more