Samsung’s S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S21 series is now just $37

Samsung sells many cases for its own phones, but perhaps the most interesting one is the S-View flip cover. It’s a typical flip cover, protecting the screen when closed, but with a small window that displays the current time, battery status, music controls, and more. The typical price of $49.99 is a bit too much … Read more

Anker’s super small Type-C charger is now just $14

The increased availability of Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors has led to a rise in smaller power adapters, helping high-power chargers fit into a more typical design, and shrinking normal 15-30W bricks to impossibly-small sizes. Anker has now discounted one of its USB Type-C chargers to just $13.59 on Amazon, and while this specific charger doesn’t … Read more

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Google Assistant and only costs $30 right now

Lenovo released the Smart Clock Essential last year as a digital alarm clock with Google Assistant (and some other smart functionality) built in. The original $49 MSRP was a bit on the steep side, especially considering the more feature-packed Lenovo Smart Clock was often on sale for the same price, but now the new model … Read more