Get this ThinkPad E14 with a Ryzen 7 processor for $890 today ($479 off)

Lenovo inherited the ThinkPad branding from IBM almost two decades ago, and while there have been a few less-than-great models since then, Lenovo has been on a roll with more recent models. The ThinkPad E14 is a higher-end model that ditches the typical thin form factor of most ultrabooks, in persuit of more connectivity options, … Read more

Get a Google Nest Hub smart display for only $50 today ($50 off)

Google updated its Nest Hub smart display (originally called the Home Hub) earlier this year, adding Soli motion sensors for hand gestures and optional sleep tracking, but with an almost-identical design and the same easy-to-understand software. The new Nest Hub has been on sale a few times already — we covered a $20 off sale … Read more