Bitcoin surpasses $17K for first time since early December

Crypto’s benchmark cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has pushed past $17,000 for the first time in 2023 after being range bound for several weeks between $16,380 and $16,975. Bitcoin has now been on a positive trend since the start of January when it opened the year at $16,482. Bitcoin is up 3.72% over the last seven days and … Read more

Iceberg + Spark + Trino: a modern open source data stack for blockchain

1.The challenge for modern blockchain data stack There are several challenges that a modern blockchain indexing startup may face, including: Massive amounts of data. As the amount of data on the blockchain increases, the data index will need to scale up to handle the increased load and provide efficient access to the data. Consequently, it … Read more

Ethereum OPAC Compliant blocks in decline after touching 80%

According to recent data from MEV Watch, for 24 hours timeframe, 64.44% of Ethereum blocks were compliant with OFAC standards. However, the Ethereum educator and investor sassal.eth reported on Dec.9 that OFAC compliance topped 80% and then decreased to 65%. ‘OFAC compliant blocks’ topped out at 80% & is trending down (currently 65%). This is … Read more