XDA Basics: What is Disk Utility on Mac and What can it do?

Apple’s macOS is extremely popular due to its intuitive interface and relative ease of use. In addition, Apple designs attractive hardware that consistently puts some of their options on our list of the best laptops you can buy. While your Mac likely runs well most of the time, there’s the occasional need to troubleshoot potential … Read more

How to customize Android’s built-in battery saver mode

Android has had a built-in Battery Saver mode for years now. If your phone is about to run out of battery, then you can activate it to keep the device running for a few extra hours. Battery Saver disables quite a few power-hungry features and tweaks a bunch of settings to extend the battery life. … Read more

How to debloat your phone (and more) without connecting to a PC

The Android Debug Bridge, or ADB for short, is a nifty development tool to interface with your phone for debugging and testing. Through ADB, developers can access Android’s built-in Linux command line shell with greater privileges than user-installed apps. This gives developers the ability to install or uninstall apps, grant or deny permissions, change system … Read more