Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Photos for Mac

The Photos app on the Mac got a user interface (UI) refresh with the introduction of macOS 11 Big Sur last year. Whether you have a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or any other Mac model, the Photos app offers the same tools that let users unleash their creative sides. While it’s lacking some features, when … Read more

Android Development Basics: How to add Kotlin to an existing Java Android project

Kotlin is pretty great. It’s got a whole bunch of useful language features, and the syntax is generally clean and simple. It’s also cross-platform, and the base language can compile to a whole bunch of different languages and platforms. Kotlin for Java (called KotlinJVM) compiles to the same thing Java compiles to — JVM bytecode … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to AirDrop on iPhone and Mac: Everything you need to know about the super convenient file transfer solution

AirDrop is Apple’s file-sharing feature that allows you to easily transfer files among Apple devices. It’s arguably one of the most seamless offline file transfer methods around, and it removes the need to upload your files to the cloud and then download them onto another device. It works on all modern Apple iPhones, iPads, and … Read more