ATOM up 3% as Cosmos releases new whitepaper

Layer-0 blockchain network Cosmos has released a new whitepaper to update its Cosmos Hub and ATOM token. The whitepaper was released on Sept. 26 during the Cosmoverse conference in Medellin, Colombia. Cosmos Hub Cosmos Hub is the blockchain at the center of the Cosmos ecosystem and first served as an intermediary between all the other … Read more

Ethereum’s Merge: Analytics suggest it is doing little to attract new users

On-chain and off-chain metrics indicate that one of the largest events to occur in crypto isn’t generating interest outside of the crypto community. As nearly all crypto users are aware of by now, the Ethereum Merge is set to occur in the middle of September, moving the chain from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) to a Proof-of-Stake … Read more

Study discovers 40% of web3 gaming accounts are bots using on-chain data

Levan Kvirkvelia, the founder of Jigger, an anti-bot protection software, has released a report asserting that 40% of the player base of web3 games are bots. The study found evidence of 20,000 bots across over 60 web3 games. Louis Regis, founder and CEO of Xborg, exclusively confirmed to CrytoSlate that “many games artificially boost their … Read more