Review: Kobo’s Sage and Libra 2 e-readers improve displays but compromise on design

The latest pair of e-readers from Kobo provide a modest but noticeable upgrade to the display, stylus support and Bluetooth for listening to audiobooks but take a step down in build quality from the admirable Forma. But the new capabilities may be worth the upgrade, and the Libra 2 especially makes for an attractive little … Read more

Nintendo’s Zelda Game & Watch is another worthwhile stocking stuffer for retro collectors

I have in my hands the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch, the second in Nintendo’s line of whimsical throwback handhelds clearly meant as stocking stuffers for those who already have (or can’t find) a Switch. It does a fine job, and the three old-school Zelda games included are great options for Nintendo-hard adventure that … Read more

XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 Review

I’ve always loved pen tablets for computer interaction ever since the Koala Pad of the 80’s. I was all about the Wacom Art Pad in the 90’s, and then the Windows XP Tablet PC’s when those were first introduced in 2002.  Today we have many pen tablet interface options. They’re basically essential for any digital … Read more