Aztec responds to claims FTX froze user funds for interacting with the protocol

CryptoSlate reported that FTX had frozen user accounts because they interacted with Aztec Network. Aztec has now responded to the claims by reiterating its core values and confirming that it “will not be passive in stopping illicit behavior.” Also documented by Wu Blockchain, the accusations of FTX users having their accounts frozen came from a … Read more

Google really doesn’t want its Glass successor to piss you off

From Project Ara to Wave, Google has a rich history of bailing on neat ideas when the going gets tough. Yet unlike those forgone experiments, augmented-reality glasses apparently aren’t doomed to rest in Google’s metaphorical graveyard.  Instead, the advertising company is tip-toeing its spiritual successor to Glass back into the wild. After teasing the smart … Read more

Top 5 Korean exchanges delist Litecoin, label it ‘dark coin’ following MWEB upgrade

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! The top five Korean exchanges all announced a simultaneous delisting of Litecoin (LTC) on June 8, according to local news outlet News 1. Korean exchanges Upbit and Bithumb issued warnings on Litecoin following its MWEB upgrade, as reported by CryptoSlate last month. … Read more