Op-Ed: How the crypto industry is responding to the FTX collapse

Millions of cryptocurrency traders who previously used FTX are left wondering if they’ll ever receive their funds after the exchange collapsed and subsequently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It could take years for the digital asset industry to recover. So is it all doom and gloom? Or is there some kind of positive takeaway behind … Read more

Op-Ed: Could DCG be the catalyst for max pain in the crypto markets?

Following the recent collapse of FTX, the fallout spread to Genesis, which had already been bailed out by parent company Digital Currency Group (DCG) earlier this year following the failure of Three Arrows Capital. There are growing concerns over the possibility of the contagion spreading to Greyscale Bitcoin Trust and Digital Currency Group but are … Read more

Largest Ethereum miner, Ethermine, stops processing sanctioned transactions

The hope of a decentralized, open, free internet is in jeopardy right now. This is not hyperbole, FUD, or clickbait. Ethermine, the largest Ethereum mining pool, no longer produces blocks containing Tornado Cash transactions. This is likely due to OFAC sanctions and is an example of censorship at the protocol level. Crypto analyst, Takens Theorem, … Read more