Jerusalem synagogue shooting: At least 5 dead after gunman opens fire, Israel police say

A shooting near a synagogue in Jerusalem on Friday evening has left at least seven people dead and several wounded, including at least one child.  The suspect who started shooting when he entered the synagogue was killed by police, Israeli police said.  Police are searching for any other suspects.  The shooter a Palestinian from East … Read more

Protesters brand Australia national holiday ‘Invasion Day’

Australians have turned out to protest against the country’s national holiday, branding the day as “Invasion Day” as they demand recognition of harm against the Indigenous population.  “Let us all recognize the unique privilege that we have to share this continent with the world’s oldest continuous culture,” Australian Prime Minster Anthony Albanese said of the … Read more

Stabbing on German train kills 2, injures 7; motive remains unknown

A man in Germany fatally stabbed two people and injured seven others on a train before police finally arrested him Wednesday. “It is terrible,” Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein state Sabine Suetterlin-Waack told German public broadcaster NDR. “We are shocked and horrified that something like this has happened.” The man, identified as 20 to 30 years … Read more