T-Mobile is giving customers a free 5G phone and unlimited 5G data plans

T-Mobile on Wednesday announced a few different initiatives meant to bring 5G to the masses, including an offer that will give customers a Galaxy A32 5G for free. The carrier announced the news during an online webcast with T-Mobile executives on Wednesday. According to T-Mobile, everyone in America can trade in any mobile phone and … Read more

Signal finally updates public server code after months of silence

Signal Private Messenger has been a popular messaging platform for years, thanks to its focus on privacy and end-to-end encryption. The project has released the source code for every component of Signal, including the back-end server and client applications, but the public code for the server software was left outdated for months until just today. … Read more

Pixel 6 may use Google-made chip instead of Qualcomm processor

Update 1 (04/02/2021 @ 03:09 PM ET): We can corroborate that Google is testing GS101 silicon for its 2021 Pixel phones. Click here for more information. The article, as published earlier today on April 2, 2021, is preserved below. Google will reportedly launch a custom smartphone chip this fall, presumably with the Pixel 6, according … Read more