Google brings Android games to Windows in limited beta

You’ve always been able to play Android games on your PC, though it’s never really been easy. Projects like Android x86 and Bluestacks have typically been your best bet. Back in December of 2021, Google announced that it intended on bringing Android games to Windows, making use of the Android app layer that comes as part of … Read more

Netflix prices are increasing in the United States and Canada

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and as the company has funded more and more original content, it has slowly increased the monthly bill for subscribers. Unfortunately, Netflix announced on Friday that prices are going up yet again, at least for subscribers in the United States in Canada. Netflix … Read more

Google Duo has an audio bug on Android 12, but a fix is on the way

Android 12 has been available for a few months now on Google’s own Pixel phones, and a number of third-party phones and tablets have also received the update. Even though each new version of Android is supposed to be fully compatible with everything built for previous versions (excluding very old applications), some apps and games … Read more