Here are the games coming to Amazon Luna+ in August 2021

Amazon has announced which games are coming to its Luna+ streaming platform in August. Luna is Amazon’s attempt to compete in the growing cloud gaming market that’s currently being cornered by Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google’s Stadia, and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. The difference between it and other services is that it offers games on different … Read more

Qualcomm has a new partner to build its chips: Intel [Update: Maybe not]

Next year, Qualcomm is set to introduce a new custom ARM architecture that’s going to compete with Intel’s processors. But a couple of years later than that, Intel might be building Qualcomm’s chips. Today, Intel laid out its roadmap through 2025, renaming its process nodes and showing what each generation will look like. One of … Read more

OnePlus grew rapidly in the U.S. thanks to its budget phones for T-Mobile

OnePlus garnered a lot of attention from power users in its early years for selling flagship-tier devices at a lower price than established brands like Apple and Samsung. As years went by, the prices of OnePlus flagships crept up in price to the point where their devices were no longer “flagship-killers” but just “flagships.” The … Read more