Get this ThinkPad E14 with a Ryzen 7 processor for $890 today ($479 off)

Lenovo inherited the ThinkPad branding from IBM almost two decades ago, and while there have been a few less-than-great models since then, Lenovo has been on a roll with more recent models. The ThinkPad E14 is a higher-end model that ditches the typical thin form factor of most ultrabooks, in persuit of more connectivity options, … Read more

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Review: Lovely design, Questionable utility

Two years ago, Lenovo and Google partnered to create a new product category for Google Assistant: a smart clock. It was somewhere between a smart speaker and a smart display in functionality, with a touchscreen and basic home controls, but nowhere near the functionality offered by Google’s Nest Hub. The initial price of $70 also … Read more

Lenovo is also working on a new handheld gaming console?

Gaming consoles are the thing of the 2020s. Last year, Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 while Microsoft introduced its Xbox Series X|S. However, the number of handheld gaming consoles is also increasing. Earlier this year, Nintendo introduced its updated Switch with an OLED screen, among the rumors of Switch 4K Pro. Now, to add more … Read more