WhatsApp launches local business directory for searching nearby shops, cafes, and more

WhatsApp today kicked off its small-scale public local business directory search feature. This feature will let you directly look for local businesses, such as shops, cafes, grocery stores, and more. The feature is only available in São Paulo, Brazil, right now. CEO Will Cathcart says “São Paulo is a home to millions of small businesses” … Read more

Report: iPhone owners are more likely to sell or trade-in old phones than Android users

While we are only a few hours away from the official announcement of the iPhone 13 Series, a report has come to light that shares some interesting information about trade-in habits. The report talks about the condition of the devices and the type of users who are more likely to trade-in. The research was conducted … Read more

Apple: iPhones and motorcycles don’t play well together

If you keep your iPhone on your motorcycle’s or your bike’s engine, don’t. Apple published a new support document today warning iPhone users that the vibrations generated by high-end motorcycles and bike engines can damage the camera sensors of iPhones. This is neither your iPhone camera’s fault nor your motorcycle’s engine’s fault. It’s just because … Read more