Google Mandates COVID-19 Vaccines for All Employees, Announces New Support for Coronavirus Response

Google is postponing a return to the office for most workers until mid-October and rolling out a policy that will eventually require everyone to be vaccinated once its sprawling campuses are fully reopened, as per an email sent to employees by CEO Sundar Pichai. The search giant also announced some fresh measures to aid Southeast … Read more

Google to Display ‘About This Result’ to Give More Details About Its Search Results

The search giant- Google recently revealed the information that it attaches to search results to display its users why they get the website recommendations including the ”matching keywords” and ”related terms” as well as other pages that are nearby the local area. According to Mashable India, Google recently unveiled the information behind this search algorithm … Read more

US President Joe Biden Picks Big Tech Critic Jonathan Kanter for Key Justice Post

US President Joe Biden nominated lawyer and Google critic Jonathan Kanter as the Justice Department’s antitrust chief on Tuesday in the latest sign the White House is determined to rein in the world’s biggest corporations, especially Big Tech. Progressives who advocate tougher enforcement of antitrust law pushed for the nomination of Kanter, who recently started … Read more