New to ML: Learning path on Vertex AINew to ML: Learning path on Vertex AIGoogle Cloud

With those capabilities, we can build an application that uses the extracted labels and create a virtual catalog of items and boxes  the customer needs to package. Of course, APIs are not just for images. On Google Cloud, there are also ML APIs that give you access to pre-trained machine learning models for common tasks … Read more

AppLovin builds on Google Cloud to transform mobile marketingAppLovin builds on Google Cloud to transform mobile marketingManaging Director of Product Management, Cloud Enterprise, Google CloudDirector, Global Partnerships, Google

Today’s fastest growing companies are building and scaling in the cloud. Turning to a modern cloud as a platform for growth not only enables easy access to capabilities in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), but also a platform on which they can quickly scale an entire business and deliver products to … Read more

Cloud CISO Perspectives: July 2021Cloud CISO Perspectives: July 2021VP/CISO, Google Cloud

We’ve been busy at Google Cloud this past month working to help businesses and governments around the world address mounting cybersecurity challenges. With so much going on in the security industry, it’s essential that we continue to deliver security solutions that help address critical efforts like the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s … Read more