Vint Cerf and Jim Hogan reminded me why I’m proud to work at GoogleVint Cerf and Jim Hogan reminded me why I’m proud to work at GoogleContent Lead, Google Cloud

Watching Vint Cerf at Google Cloud Next this week discuss the impact of technology on the more than 1 billion people with disabilities was inspiring and reassuring. He talked about why building accessible products matters to him on a personal level, which reminded me of why I joined Google seven years ago, and why I’m … Read more

Next Reaction: Security and zero-trust announcementsNext Reaction: Security and zero-trust announcementsDeveloper Relations Engineer

Trillions in Cybercrime? Phishing, spam, malware and devious websites? Oh my! I’ve talked a lot about Zero Trust security in the past, and the meme means many things to many people. For Google we want to make sure that security-across your cloud workloads, on-premises systems, collaboration tools and devices-is reliable and invisible. And today’s announcements … Read more

Next Reaction: Making multicloud easier for allNext Reaction: Making multicloud easier for allCloud Developer Advocate

If you’re like me, tracking all the news coming out of Google Cloud Next can be a bit overwhelming at times in a good way. There is just so much exciting stuff happening. So, in order to help us both out a bit I sat down to capture some of the key announcements that were … Read more