Why embedding financial services into digital experiences can generate new revenueWhy embedding financial services into digital experiences can generate new revenueHead of Business Strategy Finance, Google Cloud ApigeeFinancial Services Industry Lead, Google Cloud APAC

Faced with changing customer behaviors and demands, tightening margins, and increasing threat from digital competitors, financial services institutions (FSIs) will need to meet customers where they are, open up their services, and establish new ways to monetize their products. Doing so will also enable them to build a better profile of their customers, and deliver … Read more

How does Anthos simplify hybrid & multicloud deployments?How does Anthos simplify hybrid & multicloud deployments?Developer Advocate, Google

Now, consider repeating this set of tasks across a hybrid and multicloud landscape. It becomes very complex, very quickly. Your platform admins, SREs,  and DevOps teams who are responsible for security and efficiency have to do manual, cluster-by-cluster management, data collection, and information synthesis. With this complexity, it’s hard to stay current, to understand business … Read more

Congrats, you bought Anthos! Now what?Congrats, you bought Anthos! Now what?Director of Outbound Product Management

What’s the first thing you do when you get something new? It depends, right? When I bought a new mobile phone, I jumped in to reload my favorite apps and explore the new features. After I got a kitchen remodeled, I looked around and wondered what to do next. Organize things? Cook something? Learn to … Read more