Fleetzero looks to capsize the shipping world with electric vessels serving forgotten ports

We’ve been shipping things across the oceans for centuries, and the world’s supply chains increasingly rely on diesel-powered megaships big enough to block entire channels by themselves. How do you decarbonize this monolithic industry? Fleetzero thinks it can with electric vessels making short hops all the way around the Pacific, while relying on smaller ports … Read more

Apple’s Studio Display fills an obvious gap in the monitor market

At Apple’s March event, the company announced the Studio Display, a new, 27-inch external monitor that starts at $1,599 — a huge step down in price from the company’s only other monitor, the Pro Display XDR, which starts at $5,000. The announcement of the Studio Display is big news for many who have been waiting … Read more

Fly away, little sensors! These tiny wireless devices can be scattered by the wind

If you want to monitor the temperature, humidity and exposure over 100 square miles of forest, you’re going to spend a lot of time tying tech trees. But what if you could scatter your sensors the same way dandelions and elms scatter their seeds? UW researchers have put together devices light enough to be carried … Read more