Eridan reinvents a piece of mobile infrastructure and calls up $46M in funding

Most of the time no one has to think about how the mobile networks we all rely on work. But it won’t surprise many to hear that, as is often the case with infrastructure, some pieces are the latest tech and others haven’t changed in decades. Eridan is a well-funded startup aiming to replace one … Read more

Unicorn Bio is building the hardware to scale cultivated meat from lab to table

Cultivated meat, grown in a bioreactor rather than out on the range, might be one of the big food trends of the decade. But it’s relying on tech built around multiplying yeast and bacteria cells, not animal tissue — and Unicorn Biotechnologies wants to change that with new equipment created with mass food production in … Read more

AVAX developer Ava Labs looking to raise $350M in new funding round

Ava Labs Inc., the lead developer behind the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, is looking to raise $350 million in a funding round at a $5.25 billion valuation, Bloomberg News reported, citing people familiar with the ongoing discussions. If closed, the deal would make Ava Labs one of the world’s most valuable crypto projects. Avalanche is an … Read more