VP Harris, China’s Xi meet to ‘keep lines of communication open’

Chinese President Xi Jinping met briefly with Vice President Kamala Harris Saturday as both nations look to “keep lines of communication open.” The meeting occurred on the sidelines of an economic forum in Bangkok – at the request of the vice president, China says – just days after President Biden and Xi met in their … Read more

As Biden meets with Chinese counterpart residents of Beijing discuss relations with US

BEIJING – Ahead of Monday’s meeting between President Biden and his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Bali, residents of Beijing shared their views on the U.S. – China relationship, Taiwan and their thoughts on President Biden. The three-hour meeting between the two leaders came a month after Xi Jinping secured … Read more

China’s low birth rate being hit by sky rocketing costs associated with weddings

BEIJING – China’s low birthrate problems have been further complicated by the high prices demanded for traditional dowries by the families of potential brides. Chinese social media platforms were recently aghast at the price one groom’s family was asked to pay, even leading to the story being censored by authorities. The engaged couple in question … Read more