Russia rejoins Ukraine grain export wartime deal

Russia on Wednesday said it would resume exporting grain under a Turkey-UN brokered deal with Ukraine that secures Black Sea shipping lanes after suspending its participation last month. The renewed deal will ensure that grains can continue to leave Ukraine’s ports and help stave off global food shortages. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday … Read more

UN watchdog accuses top human rights official of ‘harassment, censorship and discrimination’

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) allegedly worked to limit a watchdog group’s access to officials and press conferences on orders from its top official due to the group’s staunch criticism on a range of topics.  “[Eric] Tistounet has been giving orders to censor UN Watch since at least 2005,” Emma Reilly, a former … Read more

Taiwan official warns China, ‘We will never surrender our freedom’

The Taiwan counsel general is warning about a potential invasion of his country by China and is calling on the world’s democracies to support his island nation. “I am very, very concerned about a future potential Chinese invasion against Taiwan,” said Counsel General Ambassador James J.K. Lee, the director general of the Taipei Economic and … Read more