Russia troop morale low over fighting in tin ‘cans’ as Moscow leans on Belarus for support

Low morale among Russia’s ranks continues as its troops remain rankled over fighting in tin “cans” while Moscow leans on Belarus for support, according to a U.K. intelligence update Thursday. The U.K.’s defense ministry addressed that “Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine are likely frustrated that they are forced to serve in old infantry combat vehicles” … Read more

Iran’s assistance to Russian war effort could make the country an enemy combatant, experts say

Continued assistance to Russia in the form of drones and weapons could place Iran at risk of being considered an enemy combatant in Ukraine, a status that opens the country up to sharing responsibility for war crimes. “With the potential for missiles to be transferred by Iran to Ukraine, one has to begin to consider … Read more

Kyiv suffers explosions from apparent missile strikes

Russia’s military launched missile strikes against Kyiv, Ukraine, early Monday, as well as other locations in the country, after months of relative calm in the capital of the eastern European nation. The strikes had targeted the center of Kyiv, and left civilians dead and wounded. Rostyslav Smirnov, an adviser to the Ukrainian ministry of internal … Read more