Iran’s assistance to Russian war effort could make the country an enemy combatant, experts say

Continued assistance to Russia in the form of drones and weapons could place Iran at risk of being considered an enemy combatant in Ukraine, a status that opens the country up to sharing responsibility for war crimes. “With the potential for missiles to be transferred by Iran to Ukraine, one has to begin to consider … Read more

US-backed fighters rescue tens of thousands of women and children in raid on ISIS al-Hol camp

Syrian fighters backed by the United States have rescued tens of thousands of women and children following a weeks-long raid on a refugee camp in northern Syria. Dozens of militants were subsequently detained and an undisclosed number of weapons were seized following the 24-day operation at al-Hol camp carried out by the Internal Security Forces … Read more

A more robust US presence in Syria could deter Iran, Russia and other threats and ensure stability, experts

The Biden administration’s Syria policy has a laser-like focus on combating the largely defeated Islamic State terrorist movement, but some observers say it appears to be short-sighted when it comes to zooming in on the growing threat from both Iran and Russia which could lead to more instability across the Islamic heartland. “We have had three … Read more