North Korea fires missile into sea as US aircraft carrier arrives in region

North Korea has fired a missile into the sea off its east coast shortly after a United States aircraft carrier arrived in the region. Reuters reported Saturday that an unspecified ballistic missile was fired into the Sea of Japan by North Korea but further details about the trajectory of the missile were unknown. The launch … Read more

Putin tells Kim Jong-un that they will expand ‘constructive bilateral relations,’ North Korea says

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Monday, promising to expand cooperation between the two countries despite being increasingly ostracized on the world stage.¬† “It said that we would continue to expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts, adding that this would entirely conform with … Read more

South Korean president skips in-person meeting with Pelosi, causing controversy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrapped up her two-day visit to Seoul on Thursday, but her non-in-person meeting with the president has led to controversy among South Koreans. Pelosi is the first sitting speaker¬†to visit South Korea since Dennis Hastert visited Seoul in 2002. She met her counterpart, Kim Jin-pyo, the speaker of the National Assembly, … Read more