Satellite images of Iran nuclear site raise alarms as IAEA meets in Vienna

During a crucial IAEA board meeting in Vienna, the U.S. accused Iran of violating the very nuclear deal that U.S. negotiators are trying to reinstate. “Since this Board last met, Iran has also exceeded JCPOA constraints by enriching uranium to 60 percent U-235,” the U.S. delegation said in a statement. IRAN LOSES VOTING RIGHTS AT … Read more

UN watchdog: Access to key Iranian data lacking since Feb 23

The United Nations’ atomic watchdog hasn’t been able to access data important to monitoring Iran’s nuclear program since late February when the Islamic Republic started restricting international inspections of its facilities, the agency said Monday. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported in a confidential document distributed to member countries and seen by The Associated Press … Read more

Iran presidential candidates announced with nuclear deal, ayatollah’s future at stake

There is not a moderate of any stature on the list of candidates for the next president of Iran. In this sort of “controlled democracy,” there is usually a sense of tension, suspense and at least limited debate. This time, less than in recent memory.  Nearly 600 threw their hats in the ring. All but seven have … Read more