Android 12 is “by far” Google’s most downloaded beta, but have you tried it yet?

Google released the second Android 12 beta a couple of days ago, and there are a lot of changes that Google didn’t mention in its official announcement of the release. That’s par for the course, though, as anything they don’t announce will eventually be discovered by the community. There are many things that only Google … Read more

What do you think of Google’s Material You design for Android 12?

At Google I/O earlier this week, Google announced the changes coming with Android 12. Along with Android 12 Beta 1, Google also unveiled Material You — the next step in the evolution of its Material Design. Material You will help personalize the user experience on Android using a myriad of colors. It will be limited … Read more

What will you do once Google Photos ends unlimited backups?

Google Photos has been one of Google’s most popular services as it lets users back up their photos online for free. But starting next month, Google will no longer offer free unlimited backups to users – other than those who already own a Pixel smartphone. Instead, the company will count photo uploads against their Google … Read more