Celsius sues KeyFi, alleges Jason Stone stole over 1,000 ETH of investor funds for NFTs

Jason Stone of KeyFi filed a lawsuit against Celsius, claiming that Celsius owed KeyFi “millions of dollars,” and now Celsius returned fire by suing KeyFi and Jason Stone for the mismanagement and theft of client funds. The complaint describes KeyFi and Stone as “extraordinarily inept at the investment strategies they were undertaking.” The legal complaint … Read more

Op-ed: Why maximalists are wrong — the future is cross-chain

You would not be surprised in recent history to see such an idea floated around online spaces. Originally, many thought it was Bitcoin; then, it was Ethereum because it offered tangible functionality via its smart contract framework. The predominance of this conceptually naive worldview remained unchallenged for a significant period of time. Conventional wisdom concluded … Read more

Aztec responds to claims FTX froze user funds for interacting with the protocol

CryptoSlate reported that FTX had frozen user accounts because they interacted with Aztec Network. Aztec has now responded to the claims by reiterating its core values and confirming that it “will not be passive in stopping illicit behavior.” Also documented by Wu Blockchain, the accusations of FTX users having their accounts frozen came from a … Read more