Deploying the Cloud Spanner Emulator remotelyDeploying the Cloud Spanner Emulator remotelySoftware EngineerSoftware Engineering Manager

Welcome to the third part of our series on the Cloud Spanner Emulator. In the first part, we got an overview of Cloud Spanner and the emulator, as well as the various ways that it can be provisioned. In the second part, we explored the various options available for running the emulator locally, as well … Read more

Deployment models for the Cloud Spanner emulatorDeployment models for the Cloud Spanner emulatorSoftware EngineerSoftware Engineering Manager, Cloud Spanner

This is the first of a three-part series of blog posts, which together will form a solution guide for developers using the Cloud Spanner emulator. In this series, after a quick introduction to the Cloud Spanner emulator, we will explore the usage of the emulator with a Cloud Spanner sample application called OmegaTrade.  We will … Read more

Sqlcommenter now extending the vision of OpenTelemetry to databasesSqlcommenter now extending the vision of OpenTelemetry to databasesProduct Manager

Application developers can use observability information from Sqlcommenter to analyze slow query logs; or that observability information can be integrated into other products such as Cloud SQL Insights or APM tools from Datadog, Dynatrace, and Splunk to provide application-centric monitoring. Extending the vision of OpenTelemetry to Databases OpenTelemetry, which is now the second most active … Read more