How to do network traffic analysis with VPC Flow Logs on Google CloudHow to do network traffic analysis with VPC Flow Logs on Google CloudProduct Manager, Google Cloud

Network traffic analysis is one of the core ways an organization can understand how workloads are performing, optimize network behavior and costs, and conduct troubleshooting—a must when running mission-critical applications in production. VPC Flow Logs is one such enterprise-grade network traffic analysis tool, providing information about TCP and UDP traffic flow to and from VM … Read more

SRE fundamentals 2021: SLIs vs SLAs vs SLOsSRE fundamentals 2021: SLIs vs SLAs vs SLOsCustomer Reliability Engineer, SRE

A big part of ensuring the availability of your applications is establishing and monitoring service-level metrics—something that our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team does every day here at Google Cloud. The end goal of our SRE principles is to improve services and in turn the user experience. The concept of SRE starts with the idea … Read more

Celebrating Women in Tech: Highlighting KrikeyCelebrating Women in Tech: Highlighting KrikeyCEO, KrikeyCTO, Krikey

Krikey: Mobile AR gaming powered by Google Cloud Our first Google Cloud experience was using Firebase, but we quickly expanded to Firestore once we saw the traffic to our servers. Google Cloud was able to grow with our company as we migrated to CloudSQL and Cloud Functions. Making this switch decreased the rendering time for … Read more