Axie Infinity Launches “Releasing” Mechanism to Thin the Herd

With over six million Axies currently in existence, Axie Infinity is having a bit of a population crisis as the sheer volume of creatures is causing economic chaos on the platform. It is pertinent then, to thin the herd, and provide stability to the ecosystem. As reported earlier in January, Axie Infinity’s Lunar New Year … Read more

Axie Esports Grant 2022 Opens Up for Submissions

Sky Mavis continue their support of Axie Esports with the 2022 instalment of the ‘Axie Esports Grant.’ This year’s grant entails 7500 AXS being allocated across the prize pools and expenses of over 75 community organized tournaments, topping last year’s grant which saw a distribution of 5500 AXS supporting 40 tournaments. Applications for the second … Read more

Devs Sneak Lunar New Year Tokens into the Axie Ecosystem

Eagle-eyed Web3 explorer, and apparent transaction enthusiast, Josh (JDHyper), made an interesting discovery while casually perusing the Ronin data records. Lurking in the code, he found five new token types, neatly hidden in the Axie Infinity land item contract. After a little more digging, Josh located the names of these mysterious additions. First up was … Read more