New pet tech at CES treats dogs and cats like the complex beings they are

There’s always fun tech for pet owners at CES, and 2022 is no different. But a handful of gadgets this year are taking care to treat dogs and cats not just as beloved furry friends but as intelligent animals with their own processes, emotions and even a desire to express themselves. At the most basic … Read more

Google Working on Digital Wellbeing Widget That Displays Screen Time for Android Users: Report

Google has been updating the homescreen widgets of some of its apps like YouTube Music and Google Photos. In the latest update, its Digital Wellbeing app is reportedly getting a new widget. The new ‘your screen time’ widget is said to display the frequently used Android apps and the time spent on each. The widget … Read more

Safari 15 Security Flaw Discovered That Can Leak Your Browsing Activity, Personal Identity

Safari 15 is found to have a vulnerability that is leaking your browsing activity and even allowing bad actors to know your identity. The issue has emerged due to a bug introduced in the implementation of IndexedDB, which works as an application programming interface (API) to store structured data. Users on the latest version of … Read more