Android Development Basics: How to add Kotlin to an existing Java Android project

Kotlin is pretty great. It’s got a whole bunch of useful language features, and the syntax is generally clean and simple. It’s also cross-platform, and the base language can compile to a whole bunch of different languages and platforms. Kotlin for Java (called KotlinJVM) compiles to the same thing Java compiles to — JVM bytecode … Read more

How to code in Android Studio from any device with JetBrains Projector

JetBrains is the company behind some of the most popular IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and PhpStorm. Even Android Studio, Google’s sort-of in-house IDE for Android development, is based on IntelliJ. While IntelliJ’s IDEs are popular for a reason (they’re good), they can be a little heavy at times. IntelliJ and Android Studio can take up … Read more