Iran presidential candidates announced with nuclear deal, ayatollah’s future at stake

There is not a moderate of any stature on the list of candidates for the next president of Iran. In this sort of “controlled democracy,” there is usually a sense of tension, suspense and at least limited debate. This time, less than in recent memory.  Nearly 600 threw their hats in the ring. All but seven have … Read more

Israel-Palestinian conflict traumatic for children in the region

The mantra of the Resilience Center in Ashkelon, Israel, is, “When I am needed, I am less defeated.”  Ashkelon has been one of the cities most targeted in this latest round of fighting between Hamas and Israel, now reportedly set to end with both sides agreeing to a cease-fire. Though the death toll on the … Read more

In Israel, Jewish man’s kidney donated to grateful Arab woman after his lynching

A bereaved and bewildered family in the Israeli village of Hadid sits shiva, mourning the loss of a man they say was all heart.  Yigal Yehoshua was lynched. He was 56 years old with a wife and two children. He was one of six brothers in a close-knit family. An Arab mob set upon him … Read more