Research: A fresh take on Bitcoin mining – Why using more energy can lead to abundance

Bitcoin mining and its energy consumption have recently been the subject of many heated debates. As governments and institutions around the world keep introducing new measures to combat pollution and climate change, Bitcoin’s energy-guzzling network sticks out like a sore thumb. Various data aggregators and trackers work around the clock to provide the market with … Read more

China holds $3.9B worth of Bitcoin despite anti-crypto stance

CryptoQuant co-founder Ki Young Ju said the Chinese government is a crypto whale, despite its negative posture toward the industry. FUN FACT: Government of China🇨🇳 is a crypto whale. Chinese authorities seized 194k BTC, 833k ETH, and others from the PlusToken scam in 2019. They forfeited these $6 billion-worth assets to the national treasury. FWIW, … Read more

Macau’s Executive Council seeks to subject digital currencies to same regulations as fiat

Macau Macau’s Executive Council (CE) has submitted a draft of an umbrella regulatory framework that concerns the legal standardization of all currencies in the region, including digital currencies, to the Legislative Council for deliberation, according to a news release by the CE on Oct. 14. If approved, the draft bill — titled “Legal regime for … Read more