Tablet War Z is Coming

According to

Fold Universe

, Samsung rumored to have new foldable family next year that similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The Z Fold S (tentative name) has 360° hinge that allows its display to fold both inward and outward, but a fully single flexible OLED screen unlike the Surface Duo dual screen.

Microsoft called the new Surface Duo a dual-screen mobile productivity device. Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay doesn’t want you to call it a phone. Sure, it may be true, Surface Duo isn’t a phone, but rather a foldable tablet, a tablet that improve productivity and can be used as smartphone.

Galaxy Fold family and Surface Duo have arrived to give yet another option in the tablet/hybrid market, foldables that aim to replace your iPad and iPhone. Apple branched iPadOS from iOS in 2019, announcing the operating system that improve iPad’s multitasking and versatility by delivering exciting capabilities that take advantage of its large canvas.

As the world is fighting the pandemic, the education and business segment have morphed and tablets will be in greater demand as classes and meetings are held from home.

Welcome to the tablet war Z.