Stephanie Wong’s guide to #GoogleCloudNext 2021Stephanie Wong’s guide to #GoogleCloudNext 2021Developer Advocate

SPTL101 Extend the value of cloud investments anywhere with Google Cloud

Our GM and VP of Product for IaaS, Sachin Gupta, and VP of Product, Application Modernization Platform, Jeff Reed, have been working together to deliver the leading public cloud offering. Based on the growing needs of organizations around the world, Google Cloud is extending cloud services to address more complex and unique use cases —from datacenter to the edge. They’re gong to dive into strategies that can help you modernize your people, processes, and applications to take full advantage of the distributed cloud from Google. Bring your questions after for a live Q&A, SPTL101QA.

SPTL121 Unleash the Innovators!

SVP, Urs Hölzle, and Sr. Director, Jeana Jorgenson, are bringing exciting announcements just for developers. This session is a quick recap of the week’s developer news – with  some “new news” as well, hear a few candid thoughts from Urs Hölzle on the importance of the developer community, and get a quick rundown of what to expect during Day 3 of Next, Community Day.

LD101 Extend Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services anywhere

Show, don’t just tell right? You’ve probably heard about the multicloud value of Anthos, but let’s see this in practice. I’m looking forward to this session because it will be an  interactive demo highlighting Google’s latest innovations in application modernization and infrastructure in a distributed cloud environment. It’ll show you how to modernize apps with cloud-native services (like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Autopilot, Anthos, Cloud Run, and developer tools). And the demo will show how using Google’s AI/ML and analytics capabilities at the edge will bring the data processing closer to the data creating real-time insights across environments, while maintaining security and privacy.

APP202 What’s next in Kubernetes

In the beginning, Kubernetes aimed to provide users around the world with the tools to run their applications at scale. Google and the Kubernetes community created a shared vision for a platform with the flexibility to grow and shift, serving the needs of many different business types. While our engineers work within the contributor community to develop new capabilities, GKE has grown accordingly in the areas of multicluster deployments, improvements to support batch or AI and machine learning workloads, and much more. You’ll hear the latest features coming to the Kubernetes project that can help you scale your operations.

Plus check out LP102, the Kubernetes, hybrid, and multicloud learning path. If you’re interested in our work with the open source community, check out our interactive session GCD113


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