Standing out to customers through the Partner Differentiation journeyStanding out to customers through the Partner Differentiation journeyGlobal Head of Partner Differentiation

And now, with two years of work behind us, we have hard data that demonstrates why Partner Differentiation matters.  Across several thousand partners from around the world, the companies that have completed their Differentiation journey with us are, on average, driving larger deals at greater scale, delivering more customer value, and bringing in more revenue.

Now, let’s dive deeper into each of the areas of the Differentiation journey where our trusted Google partners drive great customer experience and ensure customers are really extracting the full value of their investment with Google..


By maintaining active certifications, partners demonstrate their commitment to Google Cloud skills and convey to customers confidence in these fresh skills.  Partners who have focused on training and enablement of their teams through certifications tackle customer projects with confidence in their mastery of cloud skills. 

Based on an independent 3rd party study, 87 percent of certified survey participants were more confident about their cloud skills and 71 percent reported that certification enabled or will enable increased work with existing customers and helped to scale their business. 

Partners can take advantage of the latest Google Cloud certification preparation offerings, such as Partner Certification Kickstart, which provide partners with unique ways to continue their commitment to learning through on-demand and hands-on training with Google Courses, and overall cloud skill development, all while addressing the demand for Google Cloud certified individuals.

Customer Success

Partners continue to share their customer success through the customer success story tool on the Partner Advantage portal.  These industry and solution focused case studies position partners for the next phase of the Differentiation Journey – achieving Expertise, and ultimately, Specialization.  These stories are also shared with the market, customers, and analysts to demonstrate the impact they are having on real businesses.

In addition to sharing their customer success through stories, Partner Advantage now offers partners an on-demand, two-way learning opportunity to amplify success and gain new insights through Net Promoter Score (NPS).  As partners encourage their customers to complete the NPS survey, additional opportunities are unlocked to earn new advocacy from Google.  

While you can find a wealth of partner customer showcases on the Google Cloud Partner Directory, here are a few of the many great examples of partners leading with Google Cloud to modernize infrastructure in healthcare:

  • Cloudbakers and Comanche County Memorial Hospital transitioned 2,000 employees to Google Workspace to improve collaboration, reduce costs, and increase security.

  • Google Cloud and Quantiphi supported advances in cloud-based machine learning services for John Hopkins University BIOS Division to reduce infrastructure costs, unlock new paths of treatment, and dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to evaluate scanned imagery following a stroke.

  • With the help of MediaAgility, TRIARQ migrated to Google Cloud to modernize their platform, build new applications, and expand their global footprint.


Earning Expertise allows partners to showcase their deeper Google Cloud knowledge through validated skills in select products, horizontal solutions and key industries, – also reflected in the Partner Directory. Customers are increasingly looking for very specific expertise to complete targeted cloud-based projects, in a particular industry even, making specialization more important than ever. 

Google Cloud now offers 100 Expertise designations that provide partners the platform to achieve Specialization, as well as the visibility among customers of the Specialization.

New Expertise categories include:

  • Cloud Foundry Migration

  • Data Protection and Privacy

  • Telecommunications

  • Migrate Openshift to Anthos / GKE

  • Compliance Modernization

  • Modernize .NET Applications

  • Google Cloud Onboarding  

Here are a few partners who had the most Industry and Solution expertise achievements in H1 2021 and continue to demonstrate their capabilities through Expertise attainment:


Congratulations again to our Google Cloud 2020 Partner Awards Specialization winners.

Specializations signal the highest achievement within the partner Differentiation journey.  Specialization designations give the customer confidence in the partner’s ability to handle a specific project, and can also open the doors to even more work. A customer greets a specialized partner as an expert in that field with multiple successful implementations and impact value – they are truly trusted and endorsed by Google.

Through 14 different strategic solution categories, partners can choose to apply based on sustained success and bench strength of their Google Cloud practice.  

Congratulations to all of our partners who have achieved this milestone or renewed in 1H 2021:

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