Some Pixel 6 buyers reporting green tint, flickering and second punch hole issues

Google is known for making some of the best devices on the market, but it’s also very well known for its lack of quality control and hardware issues. Every single Pixel flagship device had an issue of some sort, the Pixel 5 and the “Pixel a” series are the only devices that didn’t have too many problems. Well, it seems like some unlucky buyers are already facing issues with their Pixel 6 Series of Google flagships. 

The latest issue can be found by a Reddit user whose Pixel 6 Pro suffers from a weird display issue when it’s powered off (via GSMArena). The Pixel 6 Pro’s display will flicker whenever the power button is pressed. There are other replies in the subreddit confirming that other users are having similar issues with brand new devices.

Another issue related to the phone’s display is the green tint issue that was also reported back for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5a Series, and also for the iPhone 12 Series of devices. The green tint display issue isn’t uncommon for OLED panels, especially not for those that support high-refresh rates, as the brightness can cause some issues, which in most cases can be fixed with a software update.

Google Pixel 6 Green Tint issue

The most interesting and most bizarre issue, however, is with the Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 6 Pro somehow gets a second punch hole in the screen that overlaps the first one. Mark Schramm posted a video on Twitter demonstrating the issue. Schramm says the display appears to have an extra hole, and poking didn’t introduce any warp or the display to bleed to the other side or edge, meaning that the display’s pixels aren’t dead and faulty.

The Google Pixel 6 Series started shipping out today to those who pre-ordered the devices, so we don’t yet have an exact idea how widespread of an issue we’re looking at or whether any of these can be fixed with a future software update. Unfortunately, this is once again just a bad look for Google as there always seems to be a problem for every single generation of Pixel flagship devices that cost anywhere from $500-$1000.

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