Sayurbox reduces itinerary and job assignments from one day to less than ten minutes using Google Maps PlatformSayurbox reduces itinerary and job assignments from one day to less than ten minutes using Google Maps PlatformCo-Founder at Sayurbox

Today’s post comes from Rama Notowidigdo, Co-Founder at Sayurbox, an Indonesian food platform that brings same-day delivery of fresh, pesticide-free produce from traditional farmers straight to city doorsteps.

The heart of Indonesia lies in its farming traditions, and we have an amazing heritage that’s reflected in the variety of crops we produce. Mangosteen, cassava, coconuts, shallots, and kale, to name a few. 

But younger generations are turning away from this lifestyle, seeing the poverty in which many farmers live. Instead of pride in cultivating the bounties of the earth, they see a life of hard work with little reward. I wanted to change not just their perception, but the reality for Indonesian farmers—so in 2016 I started Sayurbox.

My founding partners and I are on a mission to restore pride in Indonesia’s farming heritage through digital technology. By creating an app that enables same-day delivery of healthy produce to urban centers, we want to raise rural living standards and make farmers proud, knowing their dedication nourishes lives far from home.

Google Maps Platform helps us turn this mission into reality, through world-class mapping tools that enable the supply chain innovations to help us deliver quality produce to city tables.

Bringing farmers and city dwellers together with Maps-enabled supply-chain innovation

The life of farmers in traditional ‘kampungs’, or villages, may seem a world away from Indonesia’s bustling mega-cities. Yet there’s a natural synergy between fresh farm produce and Indonesia’s surging middle classes, who increasingly seek healthier and more varied food choices. The problem? Distribution hurdles often get in the way.

That’s where we come in. Sayurbox sourcing centers fan into the countryside to collect goods directly from farmers and intelligently distribute them to one of three sourcing hubs. From there, we can sort, package, and deliver to online customers on the day of their order, with the help of itinerary and route optimization enabled by Google Maps Platform.

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