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Growing adoption of AppSheet Automation 

Enterprise customers from around the world in a variety of industries are already using Google Cloud’s no-code application development platform, AppSheet, to empower their employees to build powerful business applications. Globe Telecom, a leading full-service telecommunications company in the Philippines, has built more than 50 business apps, within 8 weeks, with AppSheet, for example. 

“We’ve always been on the lookout for grassroots innovations among our employees at Globe. It is something that we’re very keen on cultivating for our people. AppSheet gave us this flexibility – the perfect tool to mine these innovative minds. It allows us to quickly execute and transform how business is done and improve how we serve our customers,” said Carlo Malana, Chief Information Officer at Globe. 

Similarly EBSCO, one of the largest privately held, family-owned companies in the United States, has been working to discover how the union of no-code app development and smarter automation capabilities can increase workforce efficiency. They have been using AppSheet Automation for tasks ranging from auto-ingesting W9s during employee onboarding to eliminating process gaps. 

“AppSheet Automation lays the groundwork for many automation projects to come, which will increase the speed of deployment, as well as provide better insight into automation processes, as the build process forces you to visually lay it out,” said Matthew Brown, IT Architect at EBSCO.

Improving workforce collaboration with AppSheet Automation

With this GA announcement, we are extending AppSheet Automation’s data source eventing support beyond Salesforce to also include Google Workspace Sheets and Drive, which will make collaboration even easier while keeping IT governance and security top of mind.

Looking ahead, we’re also building the ability to embed rich AppSheet views in Gmail to perform approvals on the go. This will allow users to perform process approvals without having to leave their current interface and helps save time.

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