Query BIG with BigQuery: A cheat sheetQuery BIG with BigQuery: A cheat sheetDeveloper Advocate, Google

BigQuery Omni – BigQuery Omni is a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution powered by Anthos that lets you cost-effectively access and securely analyze data across Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure, without leaving the BigQuery user interface (UI). Using standard SQL and familiar BigQuery APIs, you can break down data silos and gain critical business insights from a single pane of glass. 

Data QnA: Data QnA enables self-service analytics for business users on BigQuery data as well as federated data from Cloud Storage, Bigtable, Cloud SQL, or Google Drive. It uses Dialogflow and enables users to formulate free-form text analytical questions, with auto-suggested entities while users type a question.

Connected Sheets -The native integration between Sheets and BigQuery makes it possible for all business stakeholders, who are already quite familiar with spreadsheet tools, to get their own up-to-date insights at any time.

Geospatial data – BigQuery offers accurate and scalable geospatial analysis with geography data types. It supports core GIS functions – measurements, transforms, constructors, and more – using standard SQL.

How does it work?