Chrome for Android v89 Gets Faster Startup, Page Load Speeds

Google Chrome 89 for Android brings performance improvements that were detailed by the search giant on Thursday, despite the version’s rollout starting earlier this week. Google claims that the latest version of Chrome for Android will use fewer resources, launch quicker, and boot up 13 percent faster than before. Google has employed the use of … Read more

UK policeman charged with London woman’s murder, scheduled to appear in court

LONDON (AP) – The suspected abduction and murder of a young London woman as she walked home has dismayed Britain and revived a painful question: Why are women too often not safe on the streets? The fate of Sarah Everard is all the more shocking because the suspect charged Friday with abducting and killing her … Read more

Serving up data from Cloud StorageServing up data from Cloud StorageCloud Developer Advocate

Prefer to listen rather than read? Check out this post on the podcast! When it comes to the cloud, there’s more than one way to serve a file. In this post, we’ll walk you through all the ways to serve data from Cloud Storage—so you can determine the best fit for your needs! You can … Read more